About SouthEastern Evaluation

Many companies say they provide “excellent customer service.” We do too. But rather than just say it, we’d like to show you our appraisal management company, no matter what SouthEastern products you choose to implement.

SouthEastern Evaluation is one of the best Appraisal Management Companies providing high quality valuation and consulting services for residential and commercial lenders and investors. Our services are broad in scope, from a routine single-family residence to a multi-million dollar manufacturing facility. SEE’s primary focus is to provide a compliant platform for lenders and real estate appraisers.

For the past five years, SouthEastern Evaluation has provided high quality valuations. SouthEastern’s core business model is centered on providing values for residential and commercial properties.

SEE was established in 2008 by a certified appraiser. The privately held corporation is still held by Mark Chapman. Chapman serves as President, CEO and certified appraiser. Initially Chapman focused on using in-house staff appraisers in South Carolina. Within a few years, satisfied clients who wanted the same levels of quality and customer service outside of South Carolina requested SEE’s solutions. The footprint was expanded throughout the SouthEast. By 2010, SEE was operating in 11 states.

SouthEastern Evaluation provides a unique approach to customer service through customization. We customize our workflow to meet your needs. SouthEastern directs decades of experience to every client request. Real estate appraisal reports are consistent, credible and reliable.

  • We provide 24/7 real time access to the most customizable reporting and tracking system in the industry.
  • Easy order entry. Submit your request via our website, phone, fax, Encompass or your own LOS package.
  • (SEE) will provide an individual name and password to monitor your appraisal from time of order through completion.
  • You will be able to check status, view communications, and upload additional documents.
  • Customer support – we will train your staff to use our system.
  • Our office staff will work efficiently with your personnel to ensure work is carried out in a reasonable time.
  • Professional Appraisers – All appraisers in our network sign an agreement, providing customers with a reasonable turn-around-time and high quality reports.

The SEE appraiser procurement process maintains a double-blind environment so the originating mortgage company does not know the identity of the appraiser until the appraisal report is finalized. We have created a special department to handle direct questions and concerns from your appraisal review, underwriting, compliance and secondary marketing departments.

SEE will certify that each appraisal report is completed in compliance with the appraiser independence guidelines. Appraiser selection is performed at the sole discretion of SEE using criteria driven by appraiser proximity to the subject, availability, quality rating, and historical performance.

Our vast knowledge of the lending process, application to closing, uniquely qualifies us to implement procedures tailored to meet each client’s business model. We process credit card or e-check payments via our secure encrypted network.Our appraisers are compensated fairly to complete a thorough valuation that meets the best interest of the consumer, the origination firm and the lender/investor.

SouthEastern offers its clients scalable vendor management and ordering technology platforms. Our Solutions are Simple, Dependable and Reasonable..