Questions about SEE Appraisals? Call us at 866.538.4435

How long will the registration process take?

After submission of initial request, we will contact you for any additional documentation within 2 business days.

Who is SouthEastern Evaluation?

SouthEastern Evaluation is an Appraisal Management Company serving the states of: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Our staff consists of current and former appraisers and individuals with knowledge and experience in Banking and Real Estate.

What are your Turn Time Expectations?

We expect contact to be made within 24 hours of order acceptance. The final report is due 5 business days following receipt of the order OR 2 business days following inspection. Please alert us when difficulties are encountered with inspections and or completion of reports so expectations can be managed appropriately.

How will I receive orders?

SEE utilizes a secure appraisal management software which automatically sends notifications via email when a new order has been assigned. In addition, detailed information and applicable files (instructions, contracts , etc) are available by logging in to the order itself.

How do I deliver the completed report?

By logging in to our website, you may deliver the completed appraisal and any associated files directly into our system.

What file types are required?

For UAD compliant reports, we require and XML and PDF version of the report. For non-UAD compliant products, we do not require an XML. In some cases, our clients require an ENV file in addition to the XML and PDF. If this is required, it will be disclosed when the order is assigned.

How are revisions/corrections handled?

All requests or revisions will be sent directly to you from our office. SEE requires all client revision requests to come through our office. If a lender, realtor, borrower, or other interested party requests changes to be made, you should direct them to contact SEE. We will not accept revised reports if the request is not made through the proper channels.

Who can I talk to regarding property/appraisal issues?

SEE has current and former appraisers on staff to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding a property, client requirements, quality control issues, and more. “Real people, with real experience.”

How do I get paid?

SouthEastern handles all payment for appraisal services. Do not accept payment from anyone other than SouthEastern and do not contact lenders/clients directly. To set up Direct Deposit please complete this form (link to Direct deposit form) and forward to us.