SEE Appraiser Advantage

Traditional AMC’s place all their appraisers into a single bucket for easy management. SEE understands that there are tremendous differences between the services different appraisers provide.

Solution for Appraisers

Cost-effective, smart, timely services which are focused around service.

True Partnership

SEE is in true partnership with you as the appraiser. We understand the process of lending and appraising and are here to assist you with any and all issues.

Focus on Your Business

The system we have in place allows you the freedom to focus on what you do best-appraise. You can further your business by becoming an SEE Advantage appraiser. This is a designation that rewards appraisers who honor turn time, quality, and communication.

Order Process

No upload fees, no order fees. Simplified process from beginning to end.

Industry Experience

Our staff is experienced in appraising, lending and title. On site review is completed by licensed, experienced appraisers. You can feel confident that when you call us you will speak with a person who understands appraisals, not a machine.

Streamline Accounting & Payment

Your order and payment history is available to you 24 hours a day.