SouthEastern Evaluation specializing in providing quality appraisals for Credit Unions.

Streamline Appraisal Reviews

SEE is able to provide an administrative review for all appraisals as required by Credit Union auditors and/or Board of Directors. We offer a flexible product set to ensure your valuation needs are met.


We are up-and-running on the latest requirements of UAD, FNMA and FHLMC, USPAP as well as changes to Truth-in-Lending Act (TILA) and the requirements contained in the Dodd-Frank Act. We are able to email the appraisal to borrower as needed and provide documentation of receipt. Submit to the portal for Freddie and Fannie as applicable.


Our approach is designed to Partner with you through every step of the appraisal process. We understand the appraisal process is a piece of the wheel of any closing. Our staff has industry experience and capable of discussing the appraisal with appraisers and lenders at length. This type of partnership allows you as the lender to focus on your business and let us handle the management of your appraisal.

Management of Appraisal Process

Our streamlined online order process allows you the freedom to:

  • Place orders at any time, from anywhere.
  • Place all orders with the most local qualified appraiser
  • Create an approved appraiser rotation that is in compliance with guidelines and your needs.
  • Access statuses of any appraisal, and or completed appraisal 24 hours a day.
  • Have direct and open communication line with appraisers

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